Compare life insurance quotes plan future financial needs

Financial stability is the key to a successful life. People have to learn to manage their money well in order to live a stable lifestyle where they can have the things they want most out of life. Life insurance, on the other hand, works a little differently because you are not provisioning for your current financial status. Even though the insurance is in place so that your future financial needs can be met when you are no longer around, it will still impact your current finances as you are spending that money right now. For that reason, you have to consider your current financial situation in order to ensure the affordability of such a policy. You may have the best intentions of providing for your family when you are gone, but if you end up falling short on your monthly payments because of it, then it won’t make good financial sense to take the policy out just yet.

The best way to find the best possible premium is to shop around. You need to be able to get quotes from a variety of places so that you can compare life insurance quotes. You need to be able to compare what the quotes cost, what benefits they offer and whether or not they can be extended to cover you for any other life changing events. Unfortunately, death is not the only thing that we need to worry about. We have to consider the possibility of disablement and dreaded disease as well. It may not seem like a big risk, but the problem is that if it occurs you could end up in apposition where you can’t work and provide for your family the same way you would under normal circumstances. Being disabled or falling ill with cancer doesn’t mean that you no longer need to be provided for, because you are still around. In fact, over and above your usual monthly costs, you also have to pay for treatments for the illness as well as your comfort levels. If you become disabled, you would have to modify your house for wheelchair access for example. You would also need to pay for the wheelchair itself for example. These things can become quite costly, and if you are already struggling to manage your finances, you will put a lot more strain on the household income with the additional expenses.

It’s important to plan for all of these financial events in case they happen. If you haven’t reviewed your financial situation recently, it is time to take stock and see where you are at.

Priceline Protects is an Insurance firm. This offers life insurance quotes online Australia, womens insurance, serious life insurance, insurance for women and other critical illness insurance.

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Crawford Advisors Introduces Interactive Enrollment Support Tool For Employers And Their Employees

Hunt Valley, MD (PRWEB) November 18, 2014

Crawford Advisors has introduced a new interactive enrollment decision support tool to help both employers and their employees. This easy to use tool represents a new approach to benefits shopping and enrollment, helping employees make more informed decisions across a range of benefits offerings. And it accomplishes this through an interactive and engaging user experience. The tool is called “Ask Emma” and is provided to Crawford Advisors’ clients through a partnership with BSwift.

Advantages For Employers Include:

Enhances the employee benefits shopping experience
Promotes consumerism and value approach
Tailors enrollment guidance to employees’ unique needs
Educates employees on available benefits, supporting recruitment and retention
Fast and easy to implement

Advantages For Employees Include:

Easy to understand and fun to use
Reduces the guesswork when benefits shopping
Convenient one-stop shopping
Personalizes cost comparisons by health needs and preferred doctors/hospitals
Models future health scenarios for the whole family
Translates insurance jargon into easy-to-understand explanations

The Ask Emma decision support tool guides employees through the buying process by asking a few simple questions. It then suggests the plans that fit the individual needs of each employee. Ask Emma is fully integrated into the shopping and enrollment platform for a seamless consumer experience. It is one of the many sophisticated technologies offered by Crawford Advisors for their benefits clients. Crawford combines the industry’s top talent and web-based technology to ensure innovative solutions that improve the health of company employees while optimizing bottom line results.


Crawford Advisors, LLC helps organizations design, implement and administer health, life, disability and voluntary benefit programs. The end result is a benefits program that is cost-effective and maximizes employee value while meeting the needs of the bottom line. Crawford’s expert benefits, compliance and administration team guides companies in the areas of strategic design, financial analysis, administration and employee health improvement to help deliver the best value for what has become one of the largest expenses for most organizations. Crawford provides sophisticated solutions and comprehensive services to optimize value for their client’s health and welfare benefit plans. Call 800-451-8519 for a complimentary executive consultation, or visit the Crawford Advisors website at

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Life Insurance After Cancer More Possible than Ever Claims

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 12, 2014, a service which aids consumers to objectively research the most competitive life insurance options, is today announcing that acquiring life insurance after cancer is easier than it has been in any prior year. They claim this is partially due to new and more leniently underwritten life insurance products coming to the market place. According to the service, life insurance is available sooner after a person has been cleared of cancer than ever before.

“Years ago, an applicant would have to be free of cancer for 5-10 years to be truly insurable for almost any life insurance product. Today, decent life insurance rates can be acquired for life insurance after cancer and excellent rates can typically be achieved 5-7 years thereafter. Those who are at the highest risk end of that spectrum would likely be best to purchase guaranteed issue life insurance, otherwise there are a litany of competitive options available,” said Eric Smith, the founder and independent life insurance agent of

Most Notable New Life Insurance Products Making Life Insurance after Cancer Possible:

Vantis Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance, sample rates shown here:

Mutual of Omaha’s Whole Life Guaranteed, explained here:

MetLife’s Final Expense Whole Life Insurance, outlined here: encourages all adult residents of Illinois, Florida, and the rest of America to view their own life insurance quotes on Information can also be obtained directly from Eric Smith at 888.374.2764.

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A few whole life insurance products I can recommend:

1975 Prudential Term and Whole Life Insurance AD

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Vintage Consumer Reports,March 1974,Whole-Life Insurance,Inflatable Boats
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Online Auto Insurance Quotes Are Now Available at!

(PRWEB) November 08, 2014 is a new website that provides free online auto insurance quotes for all types of vehicle coverage.

Clients can now compare free auto insurance quotes directly online, from the comfort of their home. By comparing different plans, it is possible to find cheaper coverage for a vehicle.

Since vehicle coverage is mandatory in all states, clients should take the time and compare plans to find better prices. A vehicle insurance policy can provide liability coverage but it can also protect the driver against collision damages and even physical damages.

The newly released website will provide blog posts that discuss different auto insurance topics. This will help customers understand more about vehicle coverage. is an online provider of life, home, health, and auto insurance quotes. This website is unique because it does not simply stick to one kind of insurance provider, but brings the clients the best deals from many different online insurance carriers. In this way, clients have access to offers from multiple carriers all in one place: this website. On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies, brand name insurance companies, etc. is owned by Internet Marketing Company.

For more information, please visit .

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Check out these Life Insurance products:

Get Low Cost Car Insurance…for Life
How To Slash Your Car Insurance Costs Up To 67% – For Life..regardless Of Age, Driving Record, State You Reside In Or Credit History.
Get Low Cost Car Insurance…for Life

112th Anniversary Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company Lucite Block About 4" Size

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Arizona Life and Health Insurance Exam Simulation Computer Disc
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- 12-4 – Understand and explain how reserves are affected by changes in mortality rates and interest rates.

– 12-4 – Understand and explain how reserves are affected by changes in mortality rates and interest rates.

from HS 323 Video: Individual Life Insurance

View Details about

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No Exam Term Life Insurance Is an Important Investment for Many People

No Exam Term Life Insurance Is an Important Investment for Many People
The newly released blog post provides 5 simple tips that will help clients find affordable no medical exam term life insurance. Having life insurance is important, but some clients do not have the time to go through a complicated application process.
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Voices: Bruce Elfenbein, on Long-Term Care Insurance Alternatives
One potential solution we've seen from insurance carriers over the past few years are so-called hybrid policies, comprising a life-insurance policy or annuity that includes a long-term care component. For example, if a client qualifies for the carrier …
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7 things you need to know about term life insurance
The two principal characteristics of term insurance are: the insured must die for any benefits to be paid and, by definition, the contract expires at the end of the term. Stated more specifically, a term life insurance policy promises to pay a death …
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Research and Markets Adds Report: Life Insurance in Philippines, Key Trends

Research and Markets Adds Report: Life Insurance in Philippines, Key Trends
Efforts by insurers to increase their market shares are projected to supplement the growing demand for life insurance over the forecast period (2013-2018). The country's middle-class population is expanding, and, coupled with recovery in the global …
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16 of the most confusing life insurance terms
I switched careers in 2005. After six years as an attorney, I joined an independent general agency as a brokerage manager and producer. When I left the law, I thought I was free of an idiosyncratic legal vocabulary, which includes many Latin, French …
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Latest Term Life Insurance Quotes News

Term Life Insurance for The Elderly –
Senior citizens can now find affordable life insurance by comparing online quotes. An insurance brokerage website can help senior citizens compare the best plan from reliable agencies in the country. Having life insurance during retirement is important …
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Clients Can Buy Low Cost Term Life Insurance For Financial Protection!
The newly released blog post provides more information about this. Comparing quotes is important for finding low cost term life insurance policies. is an online provider of life, home, health, and auto insurance quotes. This …
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